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The BitAccess BTM is specifically built for Bitcoin with state of the art technology.


Cash deposited into the BTM is available to be paid back out, reducing the frequency of cash calls and cash float required.


Ongoing product support. Our team stands behind you - ensuring your business is successful.


3 year warranty on touchscreen, 1 year warranty on all other components.

Bitaccess Bitcoin ATM www.bitaccess.co


Heavy gauge steel enclosure with Abloy Protec2 high security locks. The BTM can be bolted to the floor. An additional vault is optional.


Support for multiple currencies. For example, a BTM can dispense both Euros and Pounds.

Paper Wallets

The BTM can generate a free paper wallet for users that need one.

Bitaccess Bitcoin ATM Cloud Management Portal www.bitaccess.co

Cloud Management

Manage your BTM Machines seamlessly over the cloud through BitAccess's Operator Panel from anywhere and from anydevice.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Dashboard with metrics and insights
  • Make your BTM work with your preferred Exchange

About BitAccess

BitAccess Inc. produces the world's leading Bitcoin Automatic Teller Machine (BTM). Our machines allow anyone to deposit cash and instantly receive a digital wallet containing the equivalent in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, or do the reverse and exchange Bitcoin for traditional currency. Currently, BitAccess already has installed Bitcoin ATMs in half a dozen countries, with dozens more launching in the next few months. Founded in November 2013, BitAccess is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
BitAccess's mission is to provide people and businesses around the world with access to the future digital money technology. We promise to develop technologies that are secure, accessible and easy-to-use.

26+ Locations Worldwide

100,000+ Transactions

50,000+ Users

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Users FAQ / Operators FAQ

Bitcoin can be bought and sold by anyone, anywhere. Most commonly, Bitcoin is bought through in person transactions, exchanges or now Bitcoin-specific ATMs. If you're looking to buy, try finding a BTM near you.
Bitcoin can be used for a huge variety of uses, practically anything cash or credit can be used for. It can be used for everything from gift cards to electronics to food.
BitAccess uses any Bitcoin wallet that people already love and use. Simply enter a Bitcoin address or scan a QR Code inside of the send function, specify the amount you want to send and the Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) automates all the transactions. Its that simple!
Unlike a traditional ATM, there is no fixed fee charged by the BTM. Instead, BTMs charge a calculated rate per Bitcoin, generally combining a market rate with a specified markup, so the displayed rate may be higher than what your wallet software or Bitcoin price calculator of choice says. The markup amount, as well as the base exchange used (which will itself vary), is at the discretion of the third-party operator. As such, the Bitcoin will vary BTM to BTM.
For sure! Almost all locations are two-way BTMs, which means both buying and selling Bitcoin. Selling Bitcoin is just as easy as buying, simply send Bitcoin to the BTM and it will dispense cash in seconds. Please note that selling Bitcoin may be unavailable at select locations. Please consult our locations list to verify local availability.
As part of the buying process, the BTM will ask for you to scan the QR code for your wallet. This gives the BTM your Bitcoin address so that it knows where to send. If you don't already have a Bitcoin wallet, the BTM can generate one for you and the Bitcoins can be sent to that wallet instead.
The amount of Bitcoin a given amount of currency buys changes by the minute, as the market price of Bitcoin is very volatile. The BTM will automatically calculate out the amount based on the current rate when it sends the transaction, but if you'd like to estimate it beforehand it's very easy to calculate: simply divide the amount of currency that will be inserted into the BTM by the price shown on the BTM. For example: if you have $200, and the BTM rate is $650.00/BTC, the BTM will send 200/650 = 0.307692BTC.
The price will constantly vary, but it is displayed on the main screen of the BTM and throughout the purchasing process.
Similar to traditional ATMs, BTMs only accept and dispense cash in local currency. Select locations may accept multiple currencies; a location in Europe could accept EUR & GBP, for example. BTMs do not accept or interface with debit cards, credit cards or other forms of payment.
No, our BTMs do not have anything to do with mining Bitcoins. They facilitate buying and selling existing Bitcoins and the operator can earn a commission on these transactions.
Anyone that wants to start a business or enhance an existing business! They're great for existing business owners who have accessible retail space and are looking for a way to attract new customers and increase sales, but also entrepreneurs who are looking to create partnerships and bring Bitcoin to their local community.
There are three things needed to operate a BTM: a location, an internet connection (wired) and a source for Bitcoins (an exchange, local supply or personal accounts). BitAccess takes care of virtually everything else, configuration through to software maintenance, so only minimal technical knowledge is needed.
We have three models: basic one-way, basic two-way and two-way with high capacity. Two-way models are able to buy and sell Bitcoin from end users, whereas a one-way machine only dispenses Bitcoin, akin to a Bitcoin vending machine. For more information and detailed specifications, please get in touch.
We can customize machines to fit specific requirements, but basic configurations start from $7000. Get in touch!
Our entry level model is a one-way (buy only) configuration, but every other model is two-way (buy and sell) enabled. This is accomplished using a "recycler", which can accept and dispense bills through the same component. This allows for reuse of the bills inserted into the machine, reducing capital requirements and operation costs.
Like any business venture, due diligence is a must; the BitAccess BTM is just one part of the equation. But the demand for Bitcoin is real and BTMs are the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, so we think there's a lot of value in what we offer.
For a BTM, a consistent, reliable source of Bitcoins is a must to keep the machine stocked. If you've already got thousands of Bitcoins you're looking to sell, then great! You're all set. Otherwise, BTMs can automatically interface with the Bitcoin exchange of your choosing. We already support most major exchanges, and new exchanges can be added as needed.
If you need help with a BTM, from the initial sale through to regular operations, we're here to help seven days a week. Reach out to us anytime at support@bitaccess.co or call 1-844-248-2223.
We're not selling pre-orders; our machines are available now and shipping regularly. Get in touch!
If you're ready to place an order, go ahead and send us an email at sales@bitaccess.co and we'll get back to you right away. And replace "When can I buy one? or a hundred?" with "When will BTMs be available?" and the following description: We're not selling pre-orders; BTMs are available now and shipping regularly. We can deliver to meet your schedule, get in touch.

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