Blockchain Publishing

The Catena Blockchain Suite is a set of software components, and integration services, to allow organizations and governments to interface with public or private blockchains. The specific innovation proposed for the Federal government is a product which allows for public disclosures to be permanently embedded on a private or public blockchain.

A Blockchain is a new technology to store ledgers. As opposed to traditional databases, blockchains are centered on order, and redundancy. Blockchain records are ordered, and use cryptographic hashes to ensure the ordering cannot change. Blockchain records are also distributed throughout a network of nodes, each of which validate the records authenticity.

Product Pricing

Bitaccess's Catena Blockchain Publishing Suite is available to enterprises and governments through a software licence. Bitaccess provides design, integration, training and support to ensure a smooth product rollout. Minimal internal IT changes are required to publish data, as the software is architected to be non-invasive from an IT standpoint.

The catena blockchain suite is available today for enterprises and governments starting at $20,000 CAD/month + appropriate customization costs. Licencing fees vary based on the complexity and quantity of the published data.


  • Secure Signatures

    Bitaccess provides hardware security signing modules for maximum security

  • Blockchain Explorer

    Bitaccess will design and host a custom blockchain explorer to allow for fast and easy access to published data.

  • Smart Contract

    A custom smart contract is designed and deployed for each customer specific to your publishing needs.


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